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The circuit is currently closed to training, the next opening dates will be communicated via facebook and our website.

A Circuit that has become MYTHICAL!

  • Length: 1,516 m Width: 8 m
  • Maximum height difference 35 m
  • Maximum slope 60%.
  • The major advantage: 100% visibility
  • A 40,000-seat public venue
  • Interior lanes around the fully paved circui
  • A 150 m2 podium
  • A 30,000 m2 paddock for pilots and industries
  • A network irrigation system for the track
  • Medical assistance for 120 people
Bertrand SanlavilleEditor-in-Chief Moto Verte
"2015 will now be remembered as a historic date for motocross in France, Europe and maybe the world. The Motocross des Nations, so much awaited for its return to Ernée has enhanced the image of motocross by giving birth to an event of rare power in terms of sensations and emotions." "Superlatives are easily released at a time when the rivalry of words becomes more acute on social networks, faster, louder, but it can be said without deception and glory that this Motocross des Nations to Ernée was the most brilliant success of the modern era of motocross. " "The banquet had been superbly set up by Ernée's MC, its overflowing energy and recognized expertise. " "How it will be possible not to return to Mayenne, around this now magical site, capable of transforming a cross country course in a gigantic amphitheatre or in the Champions League stadium. What a slap." Translated with